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Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 in review


here’s the summarized recap --

JAN: new camera. happy birthday to myself. ;)
FEB: dance competitions. a new world to me, and I fell in love.
MAR: more dance, more photos, more school…
APR: senior trip to NYC!
MAY: highschool graduation… woot woot!
JUN: several weekends with my penpal/best friend… wonderful wonderful time.
JUL: El Salvador mission trip.
AUG: started college at Auburn. love it.
SEP: new baby in the family… my cousin’s little one, Adelyn!
OCT: Gospel choir performances started hopping. and my parents came to almost every one. :)
NOV: more school, thanksgiving break, and finals. lovely lovely finals.
DEC: Christmas break filled with kindergarten observation hours and lots of cows! :)

Overall? a simply marvelous year. many changes, many challenges… but all wonderful.



(I got the inspiration for this from The Flybird blog… and had to do it myself. ;))


  1. Very nicely done! What a full year. And yes, wonderful. :-)

  2. I miss you Jenna. I like the recap.

  3. Pssst...the senior trip was in March... But I really like this, Jenna! It's awesome and it sounds like a great year! Love you, girl and lots of blessings! <3