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Thursday, August 2, 2012

El Salvador: day 8

(the LAST day)

Day 8: pancakes and French toast for breakfast; chicken/noodles/ potato soup for lunch; burger king and ice cream for supper. :)

We were back at the Turin school of Juan de Dios today… nearly everyone was either feeling sickly or in a horrible mood – myself included. But the kids seemed to love the VBS still – we did the day 2 skits again for the entire school… about 300 or so kids. Our craft was bookmarks that the nighttime VBS had not used up.

There wasn’t much time in Turin, so we just did the day two skits and the crafts…

When we split off into 5 groups, I got put with the older boys… not as enjoyable as the younger children – the older they are, the more they act like teenage boys: slightly more rude and fiesty. :P

We rushed to eat lunch at the Turin church and then to the hotel to pack and get as clean as possible before the last leg of the trip. Said goodbye to more of the El Salvadorians before packing onto the bus and heading to the mall to kill time before our flight.

Mom, Dad, and I after having several adventures in Burger King, went and watched the new Spiderman movie… in entire Spanish. No English subtitles or anything. It was amazing.

Were seen off at the San Salvador airport by Warner and his family – so sweet and so sad!

Had a smooth flight to Florida, despite an hour delay and screaming children, we rushed through customs (literally ran) and made it to our plane after the last boarding call. Luckily, they held the plane off for 15 minutes so we could all load up. Since there was about 60 of us from the last plane flying to Atlanta, it would’ve been a problem to have so many people missing their flight.

Slept and talked and sang the rest of the way home.

Overall? Amazing trip.

















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