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Monday, July 30, 2012

El Salvador: day 6

Day 6: French toast, white bread and watermelon for breakfast; chicken spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch; rice, veggies, some sort of meat, and a plantain pudding for supper.

Again, Rachel didn’t come with us to the VBSs today. Hectors sister was here with her family, and lots of purses to sell… and just like last year, I bought a beautiful one. ;)

We still did 4 beads per bracelet today, and did VBS at one of the parks we were at last year. We recognized a few people, but mainly new, adorable faces. 230+ adorable faces… not counting parents. CRAZY.

When we arrived, the principal of the school brought us into a classroom and told us thank you for coming. They do not usually have the funds to provide for big events like this, so he was very grateful we were here.

Almost as soon as we arrived, a young girl became glued to my side. Leslie (8) was one of many girls here who attached themselves to me… makes one feel VERY loved, even when we don’t speak the same language.

Jessica and I led a group of girls (probably like 25 girls) some of whom were: Jenifer, Alaney (11, her English speaking friend from Belize… YAY ENGLISH.), Susannah, Calita (8), and Dania (13).

Got a picture of the ONLY red-head I’ve seen so far (Diego) with another red-head on our team - Jonah. Everyone was wanting their picture taken with the “gigante” aka Jeremy, especially after he got his head painted with a huge eyeball on it. ;) I signed my “autograph” on many little girls’ VBS papers, per their request… I felt famous! :P

It was a joy to finally get to see Celina (14) again from last year! She and her friend (Adriana, 13) hung out with us all day (and tomorrow too!) . Jonathan’s daughter, Rebecca, spent a lot of time with us today while Jonathan worked in construction and evangelism. (side trivia note, Stephany is Jonathan’s sister… such a lovely family. :))

After lunch at the construction site (in Ciudad Real), we headed to yet another park we had been at last year. The band from a nearby school played for about 45 minutes for us – so cool!! Emma, Amber, Jessica, Laura C. and I played ring-around-the-rosy with a bunch of the little kids while listening to the music. More pictures were taken with Jeremy after he traded his eyeball for a gigantic tree painted on his head. A beautiful girl, Maryory (17) took pictures with EVERYONE too.

When we got back to the church, Mom and I walked with Celina to Mrs. Sofy’s and K-tty’s and Kevin’s house. Mom had her little spanish dictionary so we had an interesting time trying to have a conversation with everyone. ;)

When we arrived at their adorable house, Mrs. Sofy showed us all of the crafts she had made. And before we left she just picked things off of her wall to give to us (and for Lauren B. – who EVERYONE remembers from last year… I love that girl. ;)). Mom got a beautiful paper vase (handmade) and I got a little hat and doll. Their generosity and love is simply overwhelming.

Celina and I walked hand-in-hand and arms wrapped around each other’s waists both ways. Their culture is definitely a touchy-feely culture – and I LOVE that.

During the gospel meeting Celina and I sat next to Glorhy’s aunt and her little baby – whom I tried to hold and then immediately burst into tears… alas, babies just don’t like me. :P Mom also got to see Mireya from last year, and it was very sweet to see that reunion.

Glorhy gave mom and I these GORGEOUS flower bracelets and her little sisters gave us notes and drawings and little crafts (like the clay inchworm from the nighttime VBS).

Super short group devo back at the hotel and a HOT shower afterwards (YAY warm water!!). Bed around 10:30.


That’s Leslie on the far left… isn’t she adorable??



HORRID photo of me, but Leslie was so cute. ;)

Jeremy’s “eyeball”

Diego and Jonah(: 



Celina and my family




IMG_5487-1 IMG_5502-1




Me and Celina(:

when I converted this photo to black and white, I actually gasped. she is such a beautiful little girl!!


some of Laura’s artwork… she is fantastical.


mommy and Mireya


my family and Glorhy’s family

to be continued…

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