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Sunday, July 29, 2012

El Salvador: day 4

Day 4: (THU) breakfast was hashbrowns and bread; lunch of chicken breast (in a DELICIOUS sauce), rice & corn, vegetables, and tortillas; cheese and pork pupusas and salsa for supper.

Woke up with my tongue and lips swollen, so I took some Benadryl… unfortunately it wasn’t the non-drowsy kind, so I was pretty exhausted, but I still tried my best to participate in all the VBS activities. Mrs. Rachel was back today, so that was good. :) Our first VBS of the day was in the El Refugio church, so people just came walking in off the street. Not very many children, but once you counted in the adults (which participated in everything!) there was probably around 80 or so people. Laura, Alejandro, and I painted faces – I painted a BABY’s face. Talk about challenging!! But she was soooooooooooooo cute. Totally worth trying to get it done. ;)

We walked to a member of the church’s house to have lunch. Waited about an hour and a half because the “delivery car” broke down, but that was actually okay with everyone… it was VERY worth it. Surprisingly, nobody complained about the wait. I guess the delicious food made up for it. :)

Jessica and I rode on the back of a pick-up truck to gather all the VBS supplies from the church and take them to our next location for VBS – a random school in El Refugio. Once we loaded all the supplies up, however, we no longer could fit in the truck, so we crammed in Juan Carlos’ car along with his wife and three daughters.

Due to the rain delay, we only had time to do 2 skits, instead of our usual 4, but that was still fine. Lots of faces were still painted and games played and bubbles blown. :)

When I was taking pictures around the school, I glanced over and there was this little boy peeking through a tree at me… for the next hour, we played photo tag, and eventually I convinced him to take a photo with me… His name was Hosea and he was 8. And totally stole my heart.

When we got to the park near the church in El Refugio where we were having our next gospel meeting, I was pleasantly surprised to see Hosea, AND our good friend from last year, Glorhy!! Such a blessing.

Before and during the meeting, Laura C., Mr. Stuart, and I sang on microphones in the middle of the park… for some reason I wasn’t nervous at all, just totally in awe of that moment. The English words felt so good rolling off my tongue and just simply praising God was so wonderful.

At devo, we folded hundreds of more VBS papers. It was very awesome to look around the room and see the whole room folding papers. God can use a simple little task as folding papers to connect everyone.

Espi spent the night again. :) I went to sleep around 11. Funny how fast I can fall asleep when I’m tired. :P




baby and butterfly… don’t judge my painting skills. ;)







IMG_4996-1 IMG_5058-1

getting the last drop of his hot rice and milk meal for the day…


to be continued…

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