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Saturday, July 28, 2012

El Salvador: day 3

Day 3: (WED) pancakes for breakfast; fried drumstick, rice & corn, tortilla, and vegetables for lunch; bread, beans, and poached eggs for supper.

Back at “Juan De Dios” school in Turin for the entire day today. Our main translator, Rachel, who is also 7 months pregnant, stayed at the hotel and Mrs. Irene took over her spot for the VBS. Served about 400+ children, 1st – 3rd grades in the morning and 4th – 6th grades in the afternoon. Only 6 beads per bracelet today.

Our “David” got sick after the first round of VBS (he looked so pitiful just laying there on the stage behind all the props and things), so Alejandro, the son of the preacher down there, played the part… and did VERY well. Alejandro has to be the cutest little guy ever… AH. If I was 12, I’d be in love. ;)

We had lunch at the school, and most of the teens on the group went and got “cokes in a bag” – basically, a piece of ice and some ice put in a Ziploc bag and drank with a straw. Not that exciting sounding, but a very cool part of the culture… most of the kids at the school were drinking them.

Went to the church in Turin for the second round of the gospel meeting… It started to pour down rain, so some of us huddled outside under the tents so the locals could sit inside and hear the service. But the locals would not have that. They asked everyone from the US to stand up, and we all promptly squeezed into the building. Very cool. I sat next to an older lady, Luc, who was very sweet. She was not very familiar with the order of the books of the Bible, so I helped her find scriptures… as well as I could, not being able to understand the language. She asked the whole church to find a spare song book so I could follow along with their singing – very considerate person. Mr. Stuart led songs again and a local minister. Mr. Matt preached this time, though, because Mr. Norville got kidney stones and had to be flown back to the US. :(

After the meeting, Luc took off a gorgeous bracelet that she was wearing and handed it to me. Through Mr. Matt’s translating, she explained that she wanted to give it to me to remind me of El Salvador when I got back to the US. Made me cry… The people are so loving down here.

We sang the whole way back to the hotel, and then had a long devotional about our experiences so far. Then all of the teens went and hung out in the hotel restaurant and ordered “papas fritas” – aka, french fries with cheese on them! SO good. Espi came and spent the night in our room (Emma, Amber, and I were all roomies… and had three beds. SCORE. ;)). I went to sleep at probably 11:30 again.


I love how they all folded their hands this way when they prayed… so adorable.


Coke in a bag!

every morning, and every afternoon, the children sweep the school. talk about dedication!!

teaching the Cupid Shuffle… ;)

our “David” of the afternoon… :)

YAY for 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish!!! haha, I was a little over-dramatic, no? ;)

Michael and Alejandro… they became best friends on the trip. ;)

(photo credit: LisaNotes)



mi madre.


to be continued…

Day 1.
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