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Saturday, July 28, 2012

El Salvador: day 2

Day 2: (TUE) brunch of eggs & ham, French toast, watermelon, and fresh OJ; supper of pupusas and salsa.

Waking up at the crack of dawn (or so it seemed when we got our wake-up knock from dad), aka 9:30, would not have normally been an exciting moment for us… luckily we had a nice rush of adrenalin to get us going. We were served breakfast in the hotel restaurant and were joined by a friendly lizard (throughout the week, we saw many of those). After sorting through costumes and folding hundreds of VBS color sheets, the VBS and evangelism team loaded up in the bus (the construction team left early on… they had a lot of work ahead of them) and drove the 40~ minute drive to the Juan De Dios school in Turin.

Did VBS for about 200+ 1st through 3rd graders. Was a little rough trying to figure out everything, but I’m sure the kids enjoyed it. 8 beads per bracelet. Laura C. had a BLAST playing with the kids, yelling COMO TE LLAMA?! and chasing after them. I overheard a couple of girls shaking their heads saying “americanos…” Made me laugh. Laura was the brave one when everyone else was too scared to go try to breech the language barrier… but she broke us out of our timidness. Thank you for that, Laura.

Then we drove in the small community of Turin to the church where we were served pupusas, salsa, and a type of slaw. First pupusas of the trip, and VERY delicious. While we were meeting, the evangelism team shared stories of their day, and introduced us to a few of their translators, including the 18-year-old Samuel… who was fluent in English and Spanish.

For the actual gospel meeting, Mr. Stuart led a few songs in addition to the “song leader” from that church. Mom, Dad, and I sat behind a lady that had a their Spanish song book, so we sang along with them, even though we didn’t always know what we were singing. :) Mr. Norville preached, and Hector translated – despite a killer headache. There were lots of prayers said. A mother came forward with her son to be prayed over. The young boy had sores all over his face, and we later learned that she did not have enough money to buy the $10 medicine for him. (needless to say, some of our group members chipped in and paid for it for her.) I’m still praying for the poor little boy. Part of the way back to the hotel we sang… Then we had group devotion and then bedtime. Asleep by 11:30pm.


our trusty bus… the Poseidon.



Laura and all the kids

beautiful Amy… ;)


(photo credit: LisaNotes)

(photo credit: LisaNotes)

painting faces… (photo credit: LisaNotes)

Mr. Stuart

Mr. Norville and Mr. Hector

blue-eyed baby… SO CUTE.

to be continued…

day 1.

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