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Monday, June 4, 2012

a day in the life of Jenna… free-lensing style

Because I know that y’all are just DYING to see a bit into my life (besides just what I carry around in my purse all the time), I decided to go a whole day taking pictures of everything that I did. every. thing. While I failed miserably at that point (and you will probably thank me by the end of this post) I still got a lot of pictures, and HEY. I learned that free-lensing is SUPER FUN.

SO. without further ado… welcome to the life of me. :)


It’s summer… what can I say?! haha

chocolate chip cookie dough poptarts are the best things ever. AH. :)

laundry. boringgggg.

walk with Kandie.. or more like, she sat most of the time while I took pictures of flowers and birds and grass and fire hydrants, etc etc etc. She’s a good dog. :)

Sherlock Holmes… GOOD BOOK.

Chick-fil-a cool wraps? favorite lunch. (besides 4-cheese hot pockets, that is)

Best dessert ever…  but we ate it all before I could take a picture. :(
(can you tell that all I do all day is eat? yeah. I didn’t include pictures of my two daily apples or my daily goldfish snack… you’ll have to forgive me. :P ha)


Texting… i do this constantly. all day long. :)

more laundry… bleh.

Colton Dixon… *swoon*

I randomly throughout the week go stalk I heart Faces fan photos and follow all the good photographers… you can learn alot from other people’s work!
(alot. hahahahaha. best word ever.)

IMG_8238 IMG_8239-1 IMG_8257-1
let Kandie play in the lake… bad move. soggy dog who won’t come when called.. OH WELL. she likes it. and I get pictures of baby ducks. SO. :)


My favorite part of my work-out routine.. CORPSE. lol. I don’t know what this does, but it’s fun. ;)

IMG_8288-1 IMG_8297-1 IMG_8298-1
Twice a week I have to cook supper… usually something easy or delicious. Sometimes both. :P

BED TIME. finally. It’s been a long, but productive day. kinda. if you can consider a marvelous, lazy, summer day productive. :)


p.s. in case you were wondering, this is what free-lensing is with some way awesomer examples than mine. ;)

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  1. Aww! Sounds alot like my days right now! haha. Especially the laundry part;)
    What workout thing do you do??? love you!