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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

oh yeah, right.

I forgot to mention that I’m all graduated now and have finished up my performing dance portion of my life. you have no idea how depressing this is.

*moment of silence for the part of my life that is now over*


but in consolation, here are some pics from both events. lots of pictures. im sorry for the overload of pictures… :P :P

(sorry. but if you didn’t want to see pictures on here  you wouldn’t be following a photography blog. so therefore i should never apologize for the enormous amounts of photos posted. but i am a people pleaser… so IM SORRY FOR SAYING IM SORRY.)
(someone really ought to get me some candy before I either pass out or talk your eyes out…)



MOM IMG-2 (6) 

My class… its a horrid quality picture. don’t judge me, i obviously didnt take it. blame the horrid church lighting and a crappy point-and-shoot. :P

mi familia.. <3

YAY CLASS OF 2012!!!


feetsies… YAY FEET. hahaha. :)

my tassle. the only thing i got to keep from my graduation attire. probably for the best though. i’d end up taking like 5 million pictures of my cap and gown if they had let me keep them… :P :P



needless to say, I am not a pretty crier.. OH WELL. I’m gonna miss these amazing girls… <3 <3

our feelings about stage makeup… hahahaha

 IMG_3621-1  IMG_3775-1
i hate them. i hate them all. THEY ARE SO AMAZING. AND ITS NOT FAIR.
(just kidding. i love them all. but really. i hate that they are so amazing… -_- gr face.)


our senior dance. doesn’t it look thrilling? yeah. i know. we’re awesome. LOOK AT THE SKY. (but we werent even all doing that right. *sigh* ZABBY! hahaha)

Cinderella core… we are the bomb.com.



For greater things have yet to come, for greater things are still to be done in this city… <3

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  1. Your recital looked awesome, so wish I could have been there. But I will see the DVD. :) also, I hate the way I look in my cap and gown...this sorta relates to this post considering you are wearing one but mainly I just wanted to vent.