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Friday, December 30, 2011

365: day 364

Most people look at a sunrise and go "ooh, pretty sunrise!" I look at a sunrise and go "ISO 400, shutter speed 250." The joys of being a photographer. ;)

one of my besties from church came over and we attempted to make cake pops… i got a cake pop baker for Christmas, but we didn’t read the directions, so we ended up not using the baker… :P Directions ARE IMPORTANT. despite what people say. haha

This was our goal… (we failed. epically.)


this looked and felt really really nasty… 

we made a humongous mess all over the kitchen… but it was super fun. :)


the white chocolate and the food coloring had a chemical reaction and made the chocolate gloppy… so the red apples turned pink and looked horrendous. but they still tasted fine (despite the slightest burnt taste of the coating). :P

We made 57, but I couldn’t bring myself to take pictures of them all… hahaha. they’re pretty sad looking, but they did get a little better as we got going. Amber did the dipping (except for the pink apples… because they were so horrible that I just smeared them around) and I did the decorating.
We made monsters and mummies and spiders and sprinkle-covered ones and strange clown-looking things. And a narwhale. :)

Moral of the story: who cares what they look like as long as they taste amazing. :)

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