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Thursday, October 6, 2011

week FIVE, homework

(I really have NO idea if this is week 5, but it is the 5th homework I’ve posted… so THUS it is now officially week 5. haha)

*Take a photo using lens distortion and critique it

(I posted a pic VERY similar to this on Tuesday. ;))

Okay, I promise you that my feet aren’t bigger than my head… I only wear an 8 1/2!! :P

Now for my super long critiques… ;)
I think the photo would’ve looked better if my feet weren’t awkwardly centered in my body. Maybe a little off-centered would’ve been less strange looking. My face isn’t exactly placed on any of the points in the rule of thirds, but my feel are, so it’s all good there. :P If I had moved the camera just a bit to the left, I would’ve been looking into the picture, as opposed to off of the screen. ALTHOUGH, I do kind of like the fact that my eyes lead you off the page (however bad photography that may be). My arm is hyper-extended (aka looks WEIRD) so it would’ve been better if I had straightened it a bit. The flowers on the ground in front of me are rather distracting, so I should’ve edited them out. HOWEVER, I really like the feel they give the picture (along with the random plant that was growing in the corner of the picture). My feet more than likely would be better off brightened, but other than that, the picture is properly exposed. The leading lines of the wooden boards is good, but the picture needs to be straightened a bit.

OVER ALL, this isn’t too shabby of a self-portrait to have been taken using a self-timer and precariously (<- is that even a word??) balancing my camera on its side. :P Any other critiques you have to add?

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