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Sunday, October 2, 2011

365: days 269-275



So, instead of doing the weird arrow thingy pointing to the picture, I’m just gonna start doing the comments right below the picture. I’m sure you don’t really care how I do it, but as I’m running off a sour skittle-induced sugar-high right now, my brain thinks you need to know this.


DOOR. (see. i commented below the picture i was commenting about. make sense?)


I love this picture of my sister. It’s all wild-life-ish and then you see her diamond engagement and wedding ring. makes it perfect. :P

IMG_5081-1 IMG_5084-1



My school friends and I worked at our local soup kitchen this week. and handed out desserts. lots and lots of desserts. It took quite a lot of self control to not eat them all myself. In case you wanted to know, “cookies and cream” cupcakes smell AMAZING.


Dad washed my car for me. He’s amazing. (and yes, i took a picture of him washing my car. yes, i’m that lazy. haha)


our sunflowers are bloooooooming!!! :D and the last of the dragonflies are disappearing. D: I love dragonflies. or “snake-doctors.” whichever you prefer to call them.


I understand that pictures of Kandie can be rather boring for those of you who do not care about pictures of Kandie, but I just can’t resist. she’s such a funny dog.


This is the result of sour skittles and 3 hours of studying history. craziness… or maybe that’s just normal. (LOOK. my tongue matches my shirt! haha)

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  1. i am totally in love with that picture of you. mail me a hard copy.