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Monday, October 31, 2011

365: day 304

The adventures of Jenna, via her webcam. ;)

I tried to make cute cupcakes for dance today. I failed. they look more like orange mushrooms. :(

should i be a ninja? nope. can’t breathe.

cow? mooooooo.

yes. i was a cow.

I added more spots and a black nose, and TADA. I was a cow.

Here’s me and a few other girls at dance. ;)

Zebras and lions and cows, OH MY. ;)


So yeah. we still have a pumpkin waiting to be carved… maybe we’ll do that later or tomorrow, or sometimes soon. :P

Happy Halloween!
(or happy reformation day for you anti-halloween readers)


1 comment:

  1. you got to dance in costumes?! so cool! i haven't gotten to do that since i was three. we actually didn't have dance tonight because of halloween. all of us wanted to come in costume but our teacher's daughter still trick or treats, she went as an old lady:)