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Friday, September 23, 2011


We talked about flash in class last week… I hate flash. with a passion. So I don’t have any good flash pictures. Oh well. :P


*Take an image using fill flash technique while keeping the background in the correct exposure.

IMG_7764  (not the best picture in the world, but hey, it fulfils the requirements… please don’t kill me, mom.)

*Take an image that shows the flash fall off.



*Take an image that uses bounced flash.



You deserve a cookie.


  1. Just discovered this. ha. Yes, I do deserve a cookie. :-)

  2. :) So sorry your Mom had to be the subject - that one might have been okay without fill flash. Do you have one where you shot against a bright outdoors somewhere - like looking out toward the yard while under a porch? You did it though...so it all counts. ;) Flash IS needed some, even if we all hate it, it can be useful. Learning to use it wisely is the key. Doing good...and BTW you have natural light done - all those images of Ashley! ;)