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Thursday, August 18, 2011

365: day 230

Here is my current cow collection… I love all of my cows! ;)

IMG_1733-1 <- birthday card from Allie

IMG_1684-1 <-birthday card from Ashley

IMG_1665-1 IMG_1666-1  <-it’s a cow-bank! ;)

IMG_1672-1 <-pepper and salt shakers!

IMG_1675-1  <-finger puppet cow :)

IMG_1685-1 IMG_1680-1  <- it poops candy. and moos. and is awesome. :)

IMG_1690-1  <- crochet cow that my friend Maddy made me… :D

IMG_1700-1 IMG_1693-1  <-this is my creepy cow… not gonna lie, but hey. it’s made out of bamboo, which is awesome. :)

IMG_1705-1 IMG_1702-1  <- icecream scooper!

IMG_1711-1 IMG_1708-1  <- this. is. a USB drive. it’s head comes off.. IT IS SO COOL.

IMG_1715-1  <- Mr. Cowch. enough said. ;)

IMG_1718-1  <- necklace from Katelyn! :)

IMG_1722-1 <- Eco Cow… made from recycled plastic bottles. :)

IMG_1728-1  <- hot chocolate mug… (that i use to hold pens and pencils) IT HAS A LITTLE COW ON THE HANDLE. makes me happy.

IMG_1723-1 <- and this is part of my body pillow-case that has cows and “goodnight moooooooooooooon” all over it. and yellow stars. so thus makes me very happy.



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