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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

update: wednesday

For the past 7 hours I have been editing pictures… hundreds and hundreds. (eleven thousand pictures total, to be exact.)

Our trip to El Salvador was absolutely amazing. The kids were adorable, the teenagers so loving, and everything else was awesome (aside from my getting sick on the way home… but that’s another story).

My favorite part would have to have been the night that we went to the Iglesia de Christo at El Refugio. After being crammed into a tiny room with dozens of people, we all walked to the nearby park and sang for an hour or so. A song or two in English, then a few in Spanish, then a few that we would sing in both languages… and we just kept doing this.

It was so amazing to hear other people praise God in a different language, and then to do the same in ours.

Of course, the nine VBS’s that we did were wonderful too. Well, let’s just say that the whole trip was wonderful.

I’m headed to the beach at the moment, but as soon as I edit enough pictures to post, I’ll update my 365 challenge. :)

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  1. it sounds like you had an amazing time, i'm so glad! i'm also glad you're back and hope you are feeling better!