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Thursday, July 21, 2011

365: days 192-200

just a few of the 11,000 pictures that I took. ;)

IMG_2898-1 almost our whole team at the airport… minus a few people. There were 55 of us. :)

IMG_2850-1 my family! :)

IMG_2917-1 Zach… he’s SO CUTE.

IMG_2940-2 view out our hotel window…

IMG_2986-1  a normal sight in El Salvador… armed guards were everywhere.

IMG_3050-2  mountains and volcanoes galore.

IMG_3562-1  the evangelism team

IMG_3523-1  a few of our construction team members working on the walls (which is what they did all week long… putting up studs and sheet-rock stuff)

IMG_3220-1 pounding down something

IMG_3646-1 my daddy :)

IMG_3697-1  oh my goodness, the kids were so precious… 



And this last picture pretty much sums up the wonderful parts of the week for me… balloons, adorable little girls, and COWS!


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