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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

365: Days 132-137

Goodness gracious. Blogger died on Thursday and I got SUPER behind in my posts. But from now on, you aren’t getting any more “I’m sorry I’m behind” statements. They bother me. :P But here is what all I’ve been photographing lately:

Day 132: IMG_7996-1


Day 133: IMG_8065-2  Baby Lillie… such a gorgeous baby.


Day 134: IMG_8081-1  ballet pictures!! I’ll post these pictures soon.


Day 135: The only picture I took today was very unflattering of the subject… so I shall refrain from posting it. You are welcome, Ashley. ;)


Day 136: IMG_8241-4  (more of these pictures to come soon too!!)


Day 137: IMG_8433-1  ducklings… SO ADORABLE.

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