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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cow photo-shoot

I love cows; alive and fuzzy, and brown and juicy... hee hee.

Remember my 365-post about cows? Here is the rest of the photos from that adventure. :)


i know, i know. it isn’t a cow, but HEY. it was with the cows!! haha

it’s so cute!!! :D

chick-fil-a cow? haha. looks like it to me! :)



     yuck. this texture looks TERRIBLE. haha, oh well! :P


they loved me!! haha :D


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  1. YAAAAAAAY! OH MY WORD. these. are. AMAZING.
    I can't pick a favorite. cause they are all my favorite. :) yay!
    (LOVE your new watermark, btw! super cute! :P)


  2. awesome. it really does look like the chick-fil-a cow.