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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365 – day 4

you’d like my toothbrush..



here’s the REJECT picture. haha. i actually REALLY liked them. couldn’t decide between the two.

and now for a few random pictures.. :)


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  1. i have that toothbrush too! c:

    the chair one is really neat.

  2. hey...my toothbrush is almost exactly like that...except it's red/pink. ;)

    hmmm...that chair outside needs one or two little girls in it, about age 3 & 4...right?! ;)

  3. LOL. "but I like BOTH green and blue! not JUST blue."
    "you'd like my toothbrush... :P"
    oh the memories. :)

    only you could take a picture of a toothbrush and make it look cool. good job! :)

  4. i think you're starting to like cows as much as ducks.