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Saturday, December 18, 2010

pointe poses

**update: if you're looking at these pictures in modern days (as in like 2014) PLEASE don't judge me by these horrid pictures... they're awful!! haha. go here instead. much better... and she has much better form too. I BEG YOU.**

Ashley came over and graciously allowed me to take pictures of her. :) Here’s a few of the results. :)
Fullscreen capture 12182010 22036 PM.bmp-8
Fullscreen capture 12182010 53812 PM.bmp-6


  1. They're all pretty good, my favorite is the one of her tying her shoe. The only one that seems odd to me is the one with the 'crumpled picture' effect. I spent a moment wondering if that was what the wall looked like last time I was there before I realized it was an effect. =P I'd suggest using it with a more sepia/greyscale tone to give it the worn photo look. =)

  2. pretty. the one with the bike...that's clever.

  3. I love them! The one with the torn wall is awesome!! Great job!